Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Working as a team

James and I have been knuckling down hard to get everything textured ready to animate for Friday. We discussed about how to solve all the animating for our piece, as there is quite a lot to do. So far we have spoken about use doing half each, me doing the beginning and James doing the second half. We are going to think about this tonight and report back to each other tomorrow.

James taught me how to surface ramp which is a toon shader with in Maya. I am really glad that he showed me how to texture, as this makes me feel that little bit more educated towards Maya.
We have been using the very same shades of colour Rave Live are using for there logos towards our animated short. We opened up the Illustrator with the logos and used the eye dropper to see which shade they had used. From this our piece looks very bright, so i am unsure if the Rave Live team will like it or not. I have sent them an email showing them a screen shot of what they think, so we are hoping for some positive feedback.

We have been thinking about which would be the best way to render our piece. We have three different examples, one with a black outline around every object, one without and one with a occlusion layer to bring out the shadows which was suggested by Jared. I believe that James has the images on his blog, so if you would like to see this then i shall post up a link to his work.

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