Thursday, 1 April 2010

Monkey Resources!

Jared has given James and i some monkey books, which he has collected over the past few years. One book imparticular looks really interesting is called Monkeys Portraits by Jill Greenberg. There are some really interesting facial expressions which could come useful for our animation short.

Here are some which i have taken photos (i took photos as i did not want to ruin the book whilst scanning in the images) of which i think could be helpful towards creating believable expressions to show their feelings. I shall state what i would use each expression for.

Pulling silly face once he is about to run off with the bunch of bananas

Hand me the bananas please, this could be shown through this expression if he is to talk to Chip

Looking down from the stall to try and find the bananas

Shock horror to see that there are no bananas

Laughing that he was able to steal what he wanted without being noticed

The monkey staring at the banana which he just stole

I grumpy pose if he ends up with nothing

Thinking emotion of how he could take the bananas

Puppy eye look, as to see why can i not get them bananas?

Laughter for when he has stolen the bananas

This is to show a thought process when figuring out how to take the bananas.

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