Monday, 12 April 2010


Well James and i decided that i would animate the first half and James would take over when Chip and Mike start fighting until the end.

I have started animating and i have found Chip fairly hard to animate. As Chip is rather over weight, his arms are hard to move. There is not much movement i can make to his arms without them looking like his skeleton has broke, or that his elbow downwards are going into the top half when he bends his arm. I did not really think of the limitations, so this shall be a challenge to do. I shall power on through though. As there are less than two weeks to have this complete, we can not afford to use another rig or doubt on the one we are working with.

Here is just a little test to show the beginning of my animating, this is only rough so there shall be smoother movements and the rest of his body shall of course be animated.

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