Wednesday, 31 March 2010

More fruit

Here is a sketch of what i think would be the best choices for the stall. I know that strawberries and grapes are a popular fruit, but it is something which becomes a little harder to model and again would create a bigger Maya file. I do not really see them as something that will be important to the stall. So below is what i think would suit best.

I shall get a second opinion from James as there may be a few more fruits which could be included like peaches from example. From top the bottom i have drawn a, banana, apple, orange, pineapple, watermelon, pears and lemon.


Okay we all know what fruit looks like but i still think it is best to get a little research, well images mainly. I need to think about what type of fruit would be best on my stall. If i am having a monkey in my animation then bananas are very important! Every other fruit will probably be what is most popular to consumers. I don't really know what i could write for each one as it is pretty simple. But i am looking at the shapes in which can help me to set out the stall, most are oval.

Here are a wide range of different fruits, i am not looking to have this many as this could take the audiences attention away from the animation as there would be a lot to look at. This would also take longer to render when the piece is finished, so i need to think about how much Maya can handle.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Here are a few drawings of different types of stalls i am thinking could be used for our piece. I need some advice from James so i shall update this when i have spoken to him.

Changing my mind

Well since me last post, i have changed my mind on a few things. I said before that i wanted to work with the third years, but since then i have decided to create my own 30 second piece for Rave on Air! I had emails from two of the three groups about being an animator but within myself, i do not feel happy to carry on with my first choice. I think this is mainly due to thinking that i do not feel that i will be to the standard they need, and i really do not want to let them down, or worse still, get down graded for my work. I know it is silly to think this but i must do what is right for me and everyone else. Plus i feel i can be more creative with doing my own piece.
As you do not really have much choice in what you can do, its pretty much do what they need and just be able to put your own little take to the re-actions of the characters.

So since then, i have been thinking about what to do for 30 seconds which would capture most audiences. I am thinking of doing something a little slap stick which would include a monkey either stealing from a little market stall or he would be selling bananas on a market stall. I have not figured out which might work best yet so i need to do some bullet points for each to create a little story.

I asked James if he would like to join me and he said yes, which is great. I know he is not really able to draw, so i have started a few to think about, for when i see him next.

Here are just a few images from the internet to start thinking about how i would like the stall to look. There is a little market which happens regularly in Croydon, so i am going to head down there soon to have a real feel for a market.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

spoilt for choice!

I had my first day back for the new team and i already have a lot to think about. We have three different paths we can go down, which are: working with the third years for there final film, work with Rave on Air to produce idents or a 30 second piece, or you can create your own brief.

Michelle, Emma and i were thinking of working together to create a 30 second piece for Rave on Air, but as the presentations were performed, they decided that they wanted to stick with there main path way, which is 2D. I do miss doing 2D myself but i just feel that as i have not done this for a while, it may be the weaker choice to pick, so i am going to stick to 3D.

I am thinking of working with one of the third year groups. It would be great to be part of there team and as they already know what there structure is, I feel this would be a more organized and smooth environment. As for which one though, i can not be sure right now. They are have positive sides, so i guess in the end it comes down to what i think i would be able to animate better and who's project i am drawn to the most. I think each group may be doing there own little test for animating, lighting and texturing. I do not mind which group i get the chance to work with as i like all there ideas, i just hope i get picked for one.

Back to the drawing board!!