Tuesday, 23 March 2010

spoilt for choice!

I had my first day back for the new team and i already have a lot to think about. We have three different paths we can go down, which are: working with the third years for there final film, work with Rave on Air to produce idents or a 30 second piece, or you can create your own brief.

Michelle, Emma and i were thinking of working together to create a 30 second piece for Rave on Air, but as the presentations were performed, they decided that they wanted to stick with there main path way, which is 2D. I do miss doing 2D myself but i just feel that as i have not done this for a while, it may be the weaker choice to pick, so i am going to stick to 3D.

I am thinking of working with one of the third year groups. It would be great to be part of there team and as they already know what there structure is, I feel this would be a more organized and smooth environment. As for which one though, i can not be sure right now. They are have positive sides, so i guess in the end it comes down to what i think i would be able to animate better and who's project i am drawn to the most. I think each group may be doing there own little test for animating, lighting and texturing. I do not mind which group i get the chance to work with as i like all there ideas, i just hope i get picked for one.

Back to the drawing board!!

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