Monday, 5 April 2010


Happy Easter Monday everyone! Well i have started modeling fruit. I am already getting worried about the amount of time James and i have to make this animation. I believe its just under 3 weeks to have everything complete. As my main strength is animating, i thought i could mainly focus on that, but with such a short amount of time, i think James and i will have to do a character each to help me out. I do not mind which character i animate so i shall let James decide what he would like to do.

Below is the fruit i have modeled so far, i am hoping their is not any of fruit to model, but if there is then it can be done anytime, as they will just be in the back ground.

Here are two images of a pear. I wish i had made my pear a bit more abstract, as it looks a little to realistic.

This is of an Orange. Now, i could have made that just a cycle which would have been the easiest thing, but if you look closely, i have made a very slight indent at the top. The colour is going to make what this fruit is, so i did not have to do much to the shape what so ever.

Here is the main fruit we made to make the animation, the bananas. I started this bunch my modeling a single banana and duplicating them to create a bunch. As this is the most important fruit, it is important to also make it look the best as it will be on show a lot.

Here is what i first modeled. I have kept one single, in case i have the monkey holding one during the animation.

The apple which i have modeled also has a little branch and leaf, to show that they were broken off from a tree. This also helps to show what fruit this is not many other fruits normally have natural growth to them.

This strawberry was modeled fairly quickly, and i think i need to improve this as it is not clear what this fruit is. If i can make all the little groves which a strawberry has then this shall help the audience.

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