Thursday, 1 April 2010

Rave Live meeting

As james and i have only been working on our short for a few days we were a little worried about the type of feed back we were going to get back. Everything went swimmingly well and i am so pleased. James and i made a storyboard this morning to show the team and they really liked our idea, they even laughed at the shots in the story board which was great. One thing they picked up which would really help James and i, and Rave Live was the use of colour. Yellow is there main colour for there project which works perfectly as our short is aimed at bananas. They have a colour theme which could work great if we could somehow place them into our fruit. For example, an apple can be green, and oranges will be orange, i don't really think i need to carry on, i think you know what i mean. So using their colours will help to reflect that this was made just for Rave Live.

They showed a liking to the characters and i even put in a joke about the man (named Chip) was working on a fruit stall to help him lose weight! They could already tell that the monkey (named Mike) was a cheeky lad by stealing Chips bananas.

Some things to think about since the meeting. Colour will be really important to our piece so we need to make sure that we think about this through-out our project! They said that the colours should not be to bright though, so maybe we could think of using pastel colours? I think this may be something to experiment with. Emily also put in a point about not to many flashes within the short, which is a good statement. I would not have really thought about this, but i need to think about the audience to make sure they do not fall ill or anything along them lines.

Our name for our animation piece is called Chip Goes Bananas, which is a little cheesy, but sometimes it helps. Below is our story board we made. This shows a range of different camera angles.

Chip is sorting out his fruit stall for the long day ahead. Long shot to show lack of people.

A mid shot of Chip still laying out his stall. this will show some facial expressions.

Chip bends down to get weighing scales. Mid shot.

Chip is stunned to see that their are bananas which have disapeared from the shelve. High angled shot

He bends down again to replace the ones which were gone. Mid shot

He places them onto the shelve. Close angled shot

He slowly turns round to see if there is something/ someone stealing from his stall. Close up shot

Chip sees a monkey trying to steal Chips bananas. Low angled shot

Chip goes to grab the monkey and take back the bananas. High angled shot

This turns into a fight. A cartoon stylized smoke shall be around the two characters. Mid shot which will lead to a long shot.

The stall breaks down into pieces and the monkey makes a run for it with the bananas. Low angled shot

Monkey running into rhe distance with the bananas. Mid shot which will lead to long shot

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